Are you thinking about liposuction? 
Want to get back to a permanent healthy life where all the confidence you deserve?

Well, as you can imagine, there are many kinds of liposuction experts using to reduce stubborn fat, such as Smart lipo, Laser lipo, Water lipo, Super-wet, etc. 

But the problem is most of them are not as comfortable as every patient wants where the Designer lipo comes into the right place.

And in this report, we’ll unpack the ultimate possibility of Designers lipo, and you will also know how its’ more successful than any other regular lipo in cosmetic surgery today.

Let’s get started…

What is laser liposuction like today?

Thanks to several studies and technological advances in the field of medicine, we can now count on a new lipolaser technology known as LIPOLIFE™.

Lipolife™ is a radial laser. This means that the laser does not come out of the tip of the cannula, but from the side. It is a very important safety measure, because when performing liposuction it is easy to hit the skin with the tip of the fiber or cannula, and this can lead to unwanted retractions or skin lesions. Therefore, when the laser comes out of the cannula in a 360º circle around it, we cannot damage the skin or any other structure that is in front of the fiber.

The wavelength of 1470 nm is absorbed mainly by water. The difference compared to other lipolaser systems is that, instead of injuring the adipocyte, the laser hits the interstitial water and disintegrates the collagen, thus releasing the fat deposits without destroying their cells, favoring the formation of new collagen and skin retraction.

According to Dr. Breitbart – Chief Surgeon of New York Liposuction Center The advantages that we can obtain with this type of laser are:

– Makes the technique more comfortable
– By heating the tissue, the skin retracts more.
– The safety of its use is greater.
– Adipose tissue can be used as a graft in breast augmentation with fat, buttock augmentation in hand rejuvenation.
– It is less traumatic for the tissue and for the patient, obtaining less bleeding as it is less invasive.

The Traditional and
Most Common Lipo Technology

Before we break down the designer lipo technology, first, you should understand the most regular type.

How it works, who it’s for, long-term benefits, and risk factors.
So you can easily make the decision and choose the appropriate lipo for your desired health.

1. Laser Lipo

The Laser lipo is mainly known as a Smart lipo or AirSculpt. It’s considered an effective type of lipolysis today modern days.

It carries the radiofrequency, ultrasound energy, plus injection.

The way it works, It heats the targeted cells using laser light technology, and when the fat area receives the proper temperature, the cells start liquefying.

It’s quite fast and primarily comfortable. But it always depends on how much fat the body requires to reduce.

Laser lipo or smart lipolysis designed for the complete permanent change affects someone who excessively starts consuming calories, which is dangerous whether you take the treatment or not.

Because cosmetic science recommends, you can see adults unable to grow the new cells. When it is destroyed with the proper technology. It works for a long time so you can confidently move forward into your life without ever fighting fear.

2. Water Lipo

The water lipo is mainly assisted with water. That’s why experts may name it this way. That’s not the main issue here; the main issue is; it simply limiting the unexpected body fat through a pressurized saline solution that loses the insider fat— and the fat transfers to the metal tube.

Often patients are concerned about the Lumpy Syndrome after the surgery.

But if you think about Body jet water lipo. It is sometimes a little uncomfortable but provides the patient a smooth experience and more extended benefits.

It’s almost always safer than any other lipo because it’s entirely done by local anesthesia, which diminishes risk factors in every way.

The beauty of the water lipo is virtually painless and doesn’t cause any bleeding with zero downtown.

And anyone can get back to work from the next day.

3. Super-wet Liposuction

Super-wet is regional anesthesia for lipo surgery which uses rapid pressurized infuse solution as long as the moderate tension and tissue balance reach 0.5 to 1.5 ml per millimeter of lipoaspirate.

As you can see, there are multiple liposuctions to reduce your fat, and all are performed quite differently, but the goals are almost the same. Some are really good for specific patients and work better than the traditional lipo.

Because the combination of epinephrine and lidocaine creates multiple benefits for every patient. The tumescent fluid works as a local anesthetic and neutralizes the central area. It also works for minimizing blood loss; which experts consider as one of the safest solutions.

The perfect patients for the Super-wet lipo; anyone who goes under the regular liposuction to remove the fat.
It works for such as Neck, Buttocks, face, largest area like abdomen, etc.

4. Vaser Lipo

Have you ever thought about the athletic firm shapes?
Reduce all the fat using ultrasound?

Well, it’s the body and muscle countering technology that simply kills the firm fat along with sculpts.

It’s another less-harmful procedure that uses ultrasound energy to burn extra fat. But the challenge medical science discovered is… If you choose the wrong place to operate. It can be worse for bonds and fat cells in your body. Be aware of that.

But it’s popular. One of the reasons the Viser lipo is reputed is because; It’s gentle and appropriately removes the fatty tissue so nicely. And works for the muscle inside without bothering the healthy tissue at all. Research proved that it also works the way your metabolism reduces fat self.

To install the Vaser lipo, the patient goes under Conscious Sedation Process, which is local anaesthesia along with the saline solution to inject the infected place.
Then ultrasound adds the skin using a short incision and kills the fatty tissue.

Now the fatty tissue starts breaking… where the cannula uses the vacuum and the fatty tissue uses the same port.
Some fluid also stays inside the body.

Because after procedural pain, your body will match within a few days.

5. Ultrasound-assisted

Procedurally, ultrasound-assisted vibrated waves are added with the ultrasound to remove the fat cells.

It’s known as UAL or Ultrasound-assisted liposuction or Ultrasonic.

It works quite a similar line PAL or power-assisted lipo.

For the USA, it is considered the most common cosmetic surgery specially designed to remove the above and beyond fat from the body, which is almost impossible for the diet and exercise to reduce.

Now you may ask, where should I use the Ultrasound-assisted lipo?

Expert recommends below the area where UAL can be effective:

  • Abdomen
  • Brest
  • Back
  • Legs lower extremities.
  • Upper extremities.
  • Buttocks etc.

People are wondering quite often that how long will it take to get back to regular life or work?

Listen, you don’t even need to go to the hospitals.
Unless your surgeon covers the large area for surgery.
If they do, you can hospitalize yourself for just a day maximum.

For the complete recovery?
Please take a few days off. But it doesn’t require the without side effects as well.

6. Power-assisted

It’s quite gentler liposuction than the UAL. Where a vibrant tripped cannula is used for removing fat.

Most experts called it high definition lipo, such as Vaser.

It simply vibrates and softens the fat cells of your affected area without any tissue damage.

Vaser is effective for both body sculpting and contouring.

Do you imagine where it perfectly works?
It works for:

  • Arm shapes & sizes
  • Abdominal contour
  • Buttock
  • Excessive body fat
  • Both Legs
  • Neck and jaw resize and
  • Mommy makeover

The suitable candidate for the power-assisted lipo is the unstable, unhealthy individual with skin laxity.

Thinking about recovery?

It takes 10 days.
Sometimes for some exceptional cases, 4-6 weeks to fully recover and move to work.
As you can see, almost always, patients are worried about the side effects, which is so crucial for everyone.
Because it carries some side effects too.
So you must pay attention before starting the ride.
It carries itchiness, muscle soreness, tenderness, oedema, redness, brushing and treatment site.
Obviously, none of them are long term challenges. But as you want to go through the ride of power-assisted lipo. You need to know how it will go tomorrow or in the next future as a conscious person.
Let’s explore what it can do for you…
When you have done power-assisted lipo surgery, it takes 6 months to a year to get the full benefits. Don’t panic within a day. But if you stay patient for some time, you’ll get the result.

Designer Lipo- The Most Advanced Lipo
Ever Created

If you are concerned about the Lipo technology and never heard about the Designer lipo, then this is the most crucial message to break all the previous lies about cosmetic surgery.

Because there are many liposuctions out there.

It doesn’t matter what kind of lipo is traditionally built. It’s almost all the same or close to each other.

The challenge for most patients is that; they get the surgery as they heard before. But they are not so satisfied for the long term.

Because some of them have harmful elements along with the doctor, who guides you through to touch your desirable goal.

Where designer lipo comes to the place.

Because it’s not only more advanced than any other lipo, but it cures fat without wasting money, killing unexpected time, or waiting for change.

The best thing about the designer lipo; it’s customized for individual patients. We’ll uncover what your current needs are now. Then recommend the exact procedure for that.

Remember, it’s not about the technology or system.
It’s all about the expert surgeon.

Who knows how to take care of you, your health and give you the best shape you always wanted. And it is completely harmless and safe in the long run for your brand-new journey.

Final Words:

Now, as you understand the genuine power of designer lipo, do you not love the proper shape that is good for you?
Say yes to yourself, and imagine how it feels after six months from now.
You got the exact body you wanted—a completely healthy way.
Can do the thing you always loved. Dress to choose your own. And live life on your terms.

Isn’t it great to have the life that way, confidence, everywhere you go and every person you meet?
And finally, enjoy the positive changes that serve your life simpler than ever.

Take free consultation first then choose the best lipo that fits yourself every way.